Joan Brancale 

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Joan paints in the realist tradition with rich color  and painterly brushstrokes. Each work begins with a painting idea to explore and  planning: thumbnails, research and rough composition studies. Her creative process is influenced by working in theatre as a set designer after earning an M.F.A. in Design from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.
Painting ideas may originate with  plein air studies but are further developed in the studio. Often a story may be  implied, using evocative color to impart mood and dramatic effect. Paintings are allowed time to evolve. Ironically preparation allows for spontaneity. “Happy accidents” may suggest additional possibilities and work stays fresh.
Compared to the large scenic backdrops Joan has painted for theatre, her preferred scale for painting oils is smaller  and suits the personal nature of her work.

American Art Collector featured her paintings for their profile “Women Who Paint” July 2006.  She was included in Cape Cod Life Magazine, 2007 Summer Arts Edition. Over the years articles in “The Boston Globe” have featured  her painting and murals. 

  1. “Joan’s unexpected compositions, splashes of color and brave brushstrokes reflect her adventurous nature and the joy she finds in the world around her.”
  2.         --Helen Addison, Owner
  3.           Addison Art Gallery
  4.            Orleans, MA